Migrant Outreach in San Diego’s Canyons

Posted on December 26, 2015 by PLT Staff

Recording of Session IX, a panel discussion involving Maria Pilar Aquino, Elaine Elliott, and Rev. William Radatz, at the Spring Institute for Lived Theology 2010 in San Diego, California. The panel addresses some of the initiatives that social- and faith-based actors have devised in response to concerns involving the border region, illustrating inspiring and courageous interventions for social justice. Elliott focuses on the idea of understanding migration through personal encounters, while Radatz speaks on aiding torture survivors among us. The presentation begins at the 10:40 minute mark.

Excerpt: “It is never for information. It’s about power and it’s about disempowering other people, making them feel utterly dependent and hopeless is really what torture is all about. And therefore, again, anything you can do to help build that sense of trust back in people, even if it’s only, ‘I can share my groceries with you,’ is therapeutic in that sense.”

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  • Date Recorded:April 28, 2010
  • Location Recorded:San Diego, California
  • Speaker: María Pilar Aquino, Elaine Elliott, William Radatz
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