Virginia Seminar Group PhotoThe Virginia Seminar in Lived Theology is a theological initiative that offers theologians and scholars of religion an opportunity to work and write in sustained engagement with critical issues in religion and public life. Additionally, it provides practitioners the time to think and write in sustained and direct engagement with theologians and scholars.

The purpose of the seminar is to provide research support for scholars and practitioners and opportunities for creative and fruitful exchange. The seminar will produce single-authored volumes on theology and lived experience that are modest in length and written for a broad audience.

The books produced in the Virginia Seminar in Lived Theology will be distinguished by their content and their writing. Our aim is not to produce monographs that will be of use only to academics, but to support intellectually sophisticated, accessible books. One of the distinctive features of the seminar is that it brings together scholars who have primarily written for an academic audience with writers who have made their mark writing for a more general audience. The seminar gives theologians, activists and pastors the time and support to craft lively, readable prose that will best communicate their valuable ideas to the largest possible audience. We will occasionally hold day-long sessions that cover such basics as finding an agent, querying trade publishers, and pitching articles, essays and reviews to magazines. Because the heart of the Project on Lived Theology focuses on the connections between theology and “real life,” we are committed to helping Project participants get their written work into the “real world.”

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