Can I Get a Witness? Thirteen Peacemakers, Community Builders, and Agitators for Faith and JusticeCan I Get A Witness? Thirteen Peacemakers, Community Builders, and Agitators for Faith and Justice includes the compelling stories of thirteen pioneers for social justice who engaged in peaceful protest and gave voice to the marginalized, working courageously out of their religious convictions to transform American culture. These people include trailblazers such as Ella Baker, Dorothy Day, Yuri Kochiyama, and many more.

Comprising a spectrum of voices—Catholic and Protestant, gay and straight, men and women of many different racial backgrounds—these activist witnesses represent the best of the church’s peacemakers, community-builders, and inside agitators. Their work was incredibly important both in their time and in ours, and their prophetic witness still speaks today.

Written by a host of authors, Can I Get a Witness? showcases vibrant storytelling and research-enriched narrative to bring these significant “peculiar people” to life.

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Contributors and subjects include:

Daniel P. Rhodes on Cesar Chavez

Donyelle McCray on Howard Thurman

Grace Y. Kao on Yuri Kochiyama

Peter Slade on Howard Kester

Nichole M. Flores on Ella Baker

Carlene Bauer on Dorothy Day

Heather A. Warren on John A. Ryan

Becca Stevens on Frank William Stringfellow

W. Ralph Eubanks on Mahalia Jackson

Susan M. Glisson and Charles H. Tucker on Lucy Randolph Mason

Soong-Chan Rah on Richard Twiss

David Dark on Daniel Berrigan

M. Therese Lysaught on Mary Stella Simpson

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