Ansley Quiros, People, Get Ready!, Anxious Bench

February 6, 2023

“It should be no surprise that in following this way of Jesus, these people were odd, out of step with the times, sometimes prophetic, sometimes radical, but mostly out of place. They were weird workers for and witnesses of the new kingdom. “

In Pursuit of Justice, Meet the Book: People Get Ready

January 6, 2023

Book editors and authors in a live conversation to see what this book is all about and learn how some distinct people of faith have contributed to the pursuit of justice.

“The 12 people profiled in this fascinating collection of were indeed, as the title suggests, ready to pursue justice often against great odds. All are well served by the authors, who do not hesitate to point out flaws while celebrating their subjects’ contributions.” –Booklist

“The sharp biographical sketches affirm that faith can fuel progressive action and illuminate complexities. The stories will inspire and discomfit.” –Publishers Weekly