This podcast is an audio companion to the book, Can I get a Witness? Thirteen Peacemakers, Community-Builders, and Agitators for Faith and Justice. In each episode of this podcast, we’ll talk with one of our authors about the person they profiled for the book and about their writing process.

The book Can I Get a Witness? Thirteen Peacemakers, Community Builders, and Agitators for Faith and Justice is available now.

Solomon’s Son: The Wise Tenderness of Howard Thurman

February 28, 2019 | 41:04 mins

Donyelle McCray discusses Howard Thurman, civil rights leader, preacher, writer, mystic and thinker who was a mentor to Dr. King and the founder of the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples. Donyelle focuses on Thurman’s tenderness: how his mother and grandmother contributed to … Read More

We Who Believe in Freedom: Ella Baker’s Creed

February 28, 2019 | 35:51 mins

Nichole M. Flores shares her research and reflections on Ella Baker, a civil rights activist and organizer whose work in the civil rights movement focused on empowering the poor and the young. Nichole discusses how Baker’s work paved the way for Black Lives Matter … Read More

The Conflict of Flesh and Spirit: A Reading of Dorothy Day

February 28, 2019 | 34:31 mins

Carlene Bauer discusses Dorothy Day, a writer, editor, journalist, and activist best known for being one of the founders of the Catholic Worker movement. Carlene reflects on Day’s life leading up to the work she’s most known for, considering how her childhood and … Read More

Standing Tall: Richard Twiss, a Witness to Native American Humanity

February 28, 2019 | 42:30 mins

Soong-Chan Rah reflects on Richard Twiss, a Native American writer, speaker, scholar, and activist, whose witness to Evangelicals (and beyond) critiqued prevailing understandings of Native communities. Soong-Chan shares how his own friendship with Twiss offered a unique window into his … Read More