Black Theology and Black Power – 50th Anniversary Edition

Posted on June 9, 2020 by PLT Staff

Black Theology and Black Power – 50th Anniversary Edition

From the publisher:

First published in 1969, Black Theology and Black Power is the first systematic presentation of Black Theology that also introduced the voice of a young theologian who would shake the foundations of American theology. Relating the militant struggle for liberation with the gospel message of salvation, James Cone laid the foundations for an interpretation of Christianity from the perspective of the oppressed that retains its urgency and challenge today.

In an earlier preface to this classic Cone wrote: “This book was my initial attempt to identify liberation as the heart of the Christian gospel and blackness as the primary mode of God’s presence. I wanted to speak on behalf of the voiceless black masses in the name of Jesus whose gospel I believed had been greatly distorted by the preaching and the theology of white churches.”

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  • Author: James H. Cone
  • Publication Type: Book
  • Publisher:Orbis Books
  • Date of Publication:February 2019
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