El Camino del Immigrante

Posted on October 16, 2016 by PLT Staff

Paper written by Melina Rapazzini following El Camino del Immigrante, a 10 day, 150 mile walking pilgrimage from the Tijuana border to Los Angeles (October 2016). From August 20-30, 2016, participants from all over the country partnered with the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) to walk for a new immigration system and press policymakers to work towards reform. Compelled to be in solidarity with those from come across the border and to listen to their narratives, Rapazzini reflects on their journey from a Biblical perspective to charge America to rethink its treatment of and love for the immigrant.

Excerpt: “Our footsteps were our prayers. Our feet painfully screamed, ‘Thy Kingdom come’ in an imploration of hope and desperation. By being physically broken and walking with the broken, the road became a sacred space. This Camino was a pilgrimage, a reorienting of our minds and hearts through our bodies.”

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