The Failure and the Hope: Essays of Southern Churchmen

Posted on April 4, 2021 by PLT Staff

The Failure and the Hope: Essays of Southern Churchmen

From the publisher:

Contributors: Beverly A. Asbury, Ann Beard, James Branscome, Will D. Campbell, Duncan Gray, Jr., John Howard Griffin, Fannie Lou Hamer, Vincent Harding, James Y. Holloway, Loyal Jones, Thomas Merton, Walker Percy, William P. Randall, Pete Young.

Essays: The failure and the hope / Walker Percy — Made in the USA / Beverly Asbury — Take ten! / John Howard Griffin — The gift of blackness / Vincent Harding — Free who? / Ann Beard — Events and pseudo-events : letter to a Southern churchman / Thomas Merton — Footwashing or the new hermeneutic? / Will D. Campbell — An open letter to Billy Graham / Will D. Campbell and James Y. Holloway — Annihilating the hillbilly : the Appalachians’ struggle with America’s institutions / James G. Branscome — In defense of the steeple / Duncan Gray, Jr. — Sick and tired of being sick and tired / Fannie Lou Hamer — Violence and Snopes / James Y. Holloway — The plutocrats and the po’ folks / William Paul Randall — Mrs. Combs and the bulldozers / Loyal Jones — The end of the world / James Y. Holloway — The rainbow sign / Pete Young — Notes for a novel about the end of the world / Walker Percy — Our grade is F / Will D. Campbell and James Y. Holloway.

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  • Editor: Will D. Campbell, James Y. Holloway
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  • Publisher:Wipf and Stock
  • Date of Publication:September 2004
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