Free for All: Rediscovering the Bible in Community

Posted on April 6, 2016 by PLT Staff

Free for All: Rediscovering the Bible in Community

From the publisher:

Is our study of the Bible as pure as we think it is? In Free for All, Tim Conder and Daniel Rhodes show how the way we read the Bible is held captive by the dominant culture in which we find ourselves. They aim to expose the cultural authorities that influence our understanding of the Bible and provide a way for communities to encounter the text as communities. This journey into community interpretation of the Bible not only honors the text and liberates its voice, but also catalyzes transformative practices of proclamation, hospitality, ethics, mission, and imagination.

Church leaders, pastors, small group leaders, and those interested in the emerging church conversation will find Free for All an energizing resource to infuse their study of God’s Word with new life.

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  • Author: Tim Conder, Daniel Rhodes
  • Publication Type: Book
  • Publisher:Baker Books
  • Date of Publication:August 2009
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