Breathing Space – Part 2

Posted on March 24, 2015 by PLT Staff

Lecture given by Heidi Neumark at the Spring Institute for Lived Theology 2006 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Neumark gives the history of Trinity Lutheran Church in Manhattan, which sits in the middle of thousands of housing units, public housing on one side and condos on the other. Neumark describes the racial, economic, and social divisions present in the neighborhood, and the efforts of the Church to reconcile and improve the neighborhood, forestall further developmental harm and create breathing space. A Q&A session follows the lecture.

Excerpt: “We have a group now of congregations that include Christians, Jews, a Mosque and some Buddhists who have come together to organize around that about some issues and one of them is housing. In some ways the development is going at such a breakneck speed but we still have the hope of our faith traditions to try and do something. On of the issues, like in the South Bronx, is the power of voice; that the community should have some say in these decisions that have a serious impact on the community.”

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  • Date Recorded:April 26, 2006
  • Location Recorded:Charlottesville, VA
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