Interview with Christa Pierpont Lightburn on Lived Theology

Posted on May 8, 2015 by PLT Staff

Bekah Menning, former project manager for the Project for Lived Theology, interviews Christa Pierpont Lightburn. During the interview, Lightburn, founder of the Restorative Community Foundation, describes the foundation’s mission and her work there. She shares some of her experiences that led her to found the Foundation, the influence her faith has had on her work and her hopes for the community in which she lives.

Excerpt: “Watching people quietly live out their faith creates an environment for becoming stronger in ones own understanding. I find it necessary to work intentionally on keeping myself in that frame of mind particularly when it seems everything around me is a sand storm of negativity and fear. When you are involved in the crucible of man’s inhumanity to man (both individually and institutionally) along with a lot of just plain selfish and impulsive behaviors it is easy to get overwhelmed. When I don’t stay properly spiritually informed though, I miss seeing the miracles.”

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  • Interviewee: Christa Pierpont Lightburn
  • Interviewer: Bekah Menning
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