Losing and Using Our Children

Posted on May 7, 2015 by PLT Staff

Paper presented by Amy Laura Hall at the second meeting of the Lived Theology and Community Building Workgroup in New York City. Hall speaks out about the growing societal trends of escaping from the demands of children upon our lives, and the concurrent interest in using embryos in medical research. Hall compares a French film, “The City of Lost Children,” to some of the aspects of society today that ignore and endanger children.

Excerpt: “Complaints about ill-behaved, interrupting, unproductive children are gaining force at the same time that we are celebrating the use of embryos, fetuses and children for medical research. While the medical-industrial complex becomes increasingly interested in the usability of our young, a generation coming of age declares its perpetual youth and independence from vulnerable life. We will not care for our children, we will make use of them.”

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