On the City and Congregation Workgroup, Part 3

Posted on April 7, 2015 by PLT Staff

Outline for a speech given by Bruce Beard about the City and Congregation Workgroup at the Conference on Lived Theology and Civil Courage in Charlottesville, Virginia. Beard shares his thoughts on the church as an institution and its role in the community. He discusses the fragmentation of community in Charlottesville today and the individual struggle to overcome prejudice that is necessary to bring about honesty and unity.

Excerpt: “What I’ve been interested in is community, and what I define community as what the word says, common unity. What are those areas that are common among us that can bring about unity, though we are created by God to be very, very different. I don’t think God has any intention for us to be the same, but we can have things in common and therefore be unified in purpose.”

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