A Brief History of Heaven

Posted on July 20, 2023 by PLT Staff

A Brief History of Heaven

From the Publisher:

This engaging book by one of today’s best-known Christian writers explores the history of heaven, from its origins in biblical writings to its most recent representations.

The book is a short, accessible history of heaven that draws together representations by a wide range of writers, theologians, politicians and artists. It covers literary works such as Dante’s Divine Comedy, Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, and the poems of George Herbert. The book considers discussions by Marx and Freud of heaven’s role in society. While based on serious scholarship, the text is still ideal for the non-specialist who wants to learn more about the idea of heaven. Alister E. McGrath is one of today’s best-known Christian writers and this book is a great introduction to his writing. 

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  • Author: Alister E. McGrath
  • Publication Type: Book
  • Publisher:Wiley-Blackwell
  • Date of Publication:February 4, 2003
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