The American Organizing Tradition

Posted on March 27, 2015 by PLT Staff

Recording of a lecture given by Susan Glisson and responded to by Rydell Payne at the Spring Institute for Lived Theology 2008 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Glisson shares her experiences working in the Winter Institute for racial reconciliation and an end to discrimination. She discusses how current organizing practices can engage a language of peace, and assist reconciliation.

Excerpt: “The work of the Winter Institute takes place between these two poles, of whites who believe they do not have to ask for forgiveness, and of blacks who do not want to forgive. Somewhere in between is the need for truth telling, compassion, justice, and patience, none of which are easy or simple.”

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  • Date Recorded:May 30, 2008
  • Location Recorded:Charlottesville, VA
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