The Justice Calling: Where Passion Meets Perseverance

Posted on February 19, 2016 by PLT Staff

The Justice Calling: Where Passion Meets Perseverance

From the publisher:

Justice requires perseverance–a deep perseverance we can’t muster on our own. The needs in our world are staggering and even the most passion-driven reactions, strategies, and good intentions can falter. But we serve a God who never falters, a God who sees all the needs, hears all the cries, and gives strength–through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit–to his people.

The Justice Calling draws us into the whole story of Scripture, inviting us to know more intimately the God who loves justice and calls us to give our lives to seek the flourishing of others.

Weaving together a comprehensive biblical theology of justice, authors Hoang and Johnson build on the whole of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation as they explore stories of injustice around the globe today. They spur Christians to root their passion for justice in persevering hope, fueled by knowing the God of rescue and restoration. The book also includes invitations to practices that can further form readers into people who join God’s work of setting things right in the world.

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  • Author: Bethany Hanke Hoang, Kristen Deede Johnson
  • Publication Type: Book
  • Publisher:Brazos Press
  • Date of Publication:January 2016
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