Why do I work for the Virginia Justice Center for Farm and Immigrant Workers?

Posted on December 27, 2015 by PLT Staff

Paper presented by Mary Bauer as part of the sixth City and Congregation Workgroup, held in Charlottesville, Virginia, in June 2001. Bauer discusses her work as part of the Virginia Justice Center for Farm and Immigrant Workers, supporting low-wage immigrant workers throughout the commonwealth in their efforts to be treated fairly in the workplace.

Excerpt: “Over and over, I have had the opportunity to watch men and women with so very much to lose stand up with dignity and fight for their rights. It has been an inspiration to me, and I consider that I have been lucky to have the opportunity to do this work. My clients have been, and are, truly extraordinary people. They are in an unfamiliar country with virtually no money, thousands of miles from home, they do not speak the language, they are fearful of retaliation by an employer who is often also their landlord.”

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