People Get Ready

September 13-15, 2019
Washington, DC

The Spring Institute for Lived Theology 2019 brought together a lively group of scholars, writers, and faith-based organizers from around the country for a two-day seminar on theology and biography:

Malinda Elizabeth Berry (Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary)

Jacqueline A. Bussie (Concordia College)

Carolyn Dupont (Eastern Kentucky University)

Mark Gornik (City Seminary of New York)

Jane Hong (Occidental College)

Ann Hostetler (Goshen College)

M. Therese Lysaught (Loyola University Chicago)

Charles Marsh (University of Virginia, Project on Lived Theology)

Mallory McDuff (Warren-Wilson College)

Ansley L. Quiros (University of North Alabama)

Daniel Rhodes (Loyola University Chicago)

Peter Slade (Ashland University)

Jemar Tisby (University of Mississippi)

Lauren Winner (Duke Divinity School)

These authors will collaborate on a forthcoming volume, People Get Ready: Thirteen Jesus-Haunted Misfits, Malcontents and Dreamers for Troubled Times, a collection of thirteen biographical, theological narratives of historical figures who worked to make the nation more just and humane. The participants bring unique abilities to this collaboration in theological writing and research, showcasing vibrant storytelling and research-enriched narrative.

The chapters illuminate aspects of the historical figures’ religious experience and conviction as well as the work they did in the world, all the while exploring how their convictions shaped their work, and how their work refined their convictions. Each chapter will unearth important connections between the historical figures’ lives and activism and our present-day faith-based struggles for social justice and equity. In this way, each chapter will do the relevant and meaningful work of both historical retrieval and contemporary inspiration.