On the Lived Theology Reading List: Migrants and Citizens

Migrants and Citizens: Justice and Responsibility in the Ethics of Immigration, Tisha M RajendraJustice and Responsibility in the Ethics of Immigration

In Migrants and Citizens, author Tisha Rajendra focuses on a question that is rarely asked: What ethical responsibilities do immigrants and citizens have to each other? In an attempt to answer it, Tisha Rajendra reframes the confused and often heated debate over immigration around the world, proposes a new definition of justice based on responsibility to relationships, and develops a Christian ethic to address this vexing social problem.

Reviews and endorsements of the publication include:

“A creative contribution to the urgent ethical challenges raised by migration today. Drawing on social analysis and Christian thought, Rajendra shows that treating migrants justly will require rethinking and reshaping the social, political, and economic relationships that set the context for the movement of people today. Essential reading for all concerned with ethics and migration.”—David Hollenbach, SJ, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

“What a joy to find wisdom and reason brought to bear on this contentious issue! Using case studies to illustrate the complexities of immigration, Rajendra exposes flaws in common narratives about immigrants. In clear and compelling prose, she then presents a stellar explication and critique of dominant theories of international justice and a carefully crafted argument for what justice requires in the arena of immigration. This is a must-read book not only for those who are interested in immigration policy but also for anyone searching for an adequate theory of justice in our complex world.”—Karen Lebacqz, author of Six Theories of Justice

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