Project on Lived Theology Names 2017 Summer Interns

University of Virginia students will serve in Charlottesville, Nashville, and Berkeley.

The Project on Lived Theology has selected three students for the Summer Internship in Lived Theology 2017:

Megan HelblingMegan Helbling

Megan (Col ’18) is majoring in English and religious studies. As a summer intern, Megan will be working at The Haven, a multi-service day shelter for people experiencing homelessness in downtown Charlottesville. Megan is interested in studying the practical ethics of interactions with those on the margins of society, a biblical and moral approach to poverty, and the influences and failures of the Christian social gospel in American cities.

Sarah Katherine DoyleSarah Katherine Doyle

Sarah (Col ’18) is majoring in English and religious studies. This summer, SK will be serving women who are survivors of trafficking, addiction, and prostitution at Magdalene, a residential program connected with Thistle Farms Social Enterprises in Nashville, Tennessee.


Joseph KreiterJoseph Kreiter

Joseph (Col ’17) is a double major in East Asian studies and English–program in literary prose. For his PLT summer internship, Joe will work with Urban Adamah, a Jewish community farm in downtown Berkeley, California, which seeks to integrate Judaism, organic farming, mindfulness, and social action to foster love, justice, and sustainability. While working toward these goals with Urban Adamah, Joe will also explore the relationship between individual spirituality and broader religious tradition.

Stay tuned to learn more about our interns and their partner organizations over the next few months, and check back here this summer to read their blogs from the field.

The Summer Internship in Lived Theology is an immersion program designed to complement the numerous existing urban and rural service immersion programs flourishing nationally and globally by offering a unique opportunity to think and write theologically about service. For more information on this initiative, please click here.

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