Interview with Duncan Gray on the Civil Rights Movement

Posted on September 28, 2016 by PLT Staff

Interview of Duncan Gray by Charles Marsh (December 1993). Gray reflects on his roles in the civil rights movement as a parish priest and the president of the Mississippi Council, as well as background experiences foundational to the personal theology that inspired his involvement.

Excerpt: “I made my speech… The only thing that got anybody’s attention was segregation and integration… Long and short of it was, the legislature was in session, this was in February and there was all kinds of pressure on the college president, although this particular college president was very sympathetic to the legislature’s position… when it came out in the morning he came to me and gave me three options. He said I could retract the statement, basically that segregation is un-Christian… or I could say I was misquoted or I would have to leave.”

  • Interview Information
  • Interviewee: Duncan Gray
  • Interviewer: Charles Marsh
  • Date of Interview: December 1993
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