Interview with Charles Marsh on the Project on Lived Theology

Posted on April 7, 2015 by PLT Staff

Interview of Charles Marsh by Louis Weeks, president emeritus of Union Theological Seminary. Marsh discusses the Project on Lived Theology, how he came to found it, its reception in the University of Virginia, the people involved in its work and initiatives and its challenges and successes.

Excerpt: “In a large sense, in a profound sense, that is what the Project on Lived Theology is trying to do—in some sense to follow Bonhoeffer’s example of bringing those together. We have the space and the encouragement for these gifted young people, these minds and these colleagues to collaborate. We give graduate students permission to work from their faith and their intellects freely, to make that journey back into life.”

  • Interview Information
  • Interviewee: Charles Marsh
  • Interviewer: Louis Weeks
  • Date of Interview: August 3, 2009
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