Interview with Susan Holman on God Knows There’s Need: Christian Responses to Poverty

Posted on December 28, 2015 by PLT Staff

Interview with Susan Holman about God Knows There’s Need: Christian Responses to Poverty. She discusses her research interests, the book’s framework, and her experience with the Virginia Seminar in Lived Theology. Holman draws on the early church’s response to poverty to address today’s sustained engagement with critical issues in religion and public life.

Excerpt: “Christian monasticism has always been a deep part of my own spirituality and most of my scholarly research focuses on early Christian bishops who were monastics. But this book challenged me with my first opportunity to intentionally integrate such influences into a narrative about modern social action. The book offers a wide variety of stories, models, and paradigms; it invites imaginative thinking but it doesn’t provide an ‘answer.’ Modern social action is like everyday public life, a sustained engagement with constant surprises. The book takes very seriously that open-endedness as well as the inevitable role of personal engagement.”

  • Interview Information
  • Interviewee: Susan Holman
  • Interviewer: PLT staff
  • Date of Interview: December 27, 2012
  • Location of Interview:Charlottesville, VA
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