Montgomery Bus Boycott

Posted on December 27, 2015 by PLT Staff

Lecture given by Johnnie Carr and Fred Gray in September 2002 at the Lived Theology and Power Workgroup Third Meeting in Montgomery, Alabama. Both speakers begin with a brief introduction and then focus on their recollection of the events surrounding the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Johnnie Carr succeeded Martin Luther King Jr. as president of the Montgomery Improvement Association in 1967, and Fred Gray is the attorney who defended Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA).

Excerpt: “When he was elected president of the Montgomery Improvement Association, I don’t think anybody that knew about it or knew anything about Dr. King would say anything, but he was the person that we felt like that could lead. Because the type of leadership that he gave was not the type that had been advanced before. Because most of the time you retaliate, but Rev. King’s philosophy was not to retaliate, not with guns and bullets and with anger, but with love and nonviolence. And that’s the key, that I believe, opened the door and helped us be as successful as we were.”

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  • Date Recorded:September 7, 2002
  • Location Recorded:Montgomery, AL
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