Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless invites local participation

Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless is part of the Service Provider Council (SPC), a group of representatives from area social service agencies that provide critical prevention and intervention services to the homeless and very poor of Central Virginia. SPC meets monthly to identify ways to improve the system of care for the homeless of our community by avoiding duplication of services, filling in gaps in the safety net and sharing information.

To find a list of member organizations, click here.

The SPC meets on the first Tuesday of the month between 1-2:30 pm at Albemarle County Office Building on McIntire, Charlottesville, VA. All are welcome to attend.

Thank you to Joshua Kaufman-Horner for keeping the Project up-to-date about the work of the Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless. Joshua is one of the founders of Mission Year, a ministry which strives to advance the Kingdom of God by loving their neighbors. He now serves as the Center of Hope Director at The Salvation Army here in Charlottesville.

Click here to listen to Joshua’s contributions to the panel on “The Practices of Peace” at the Spring Institute for Lived Theology 2008.