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Online Journal of Public TheologyA website that seeks to promote a more responsible form of public faith

In the politically skewed context of our time, Christians have allowed partisan politics to distort evangelicalism in the public sphere. PLT Fellow Traveler The Online Journal of Public Theology believes that Christians should refrain from associating Christian values with one political angle in order to preserve the historic witness of the orthodox church and communicate the proper role for faith and church in public life.


We promote the concept of “critical engagement”, the church needs to be critically engaged with the issues and powers of the day but ultimately captured by no one party or perspective. To believe in God incarnated in Jesus Christ is to transcend and stand apart from any of the powers of this world. At each moment in history Christians must carefully assess how to be critically engaged in their political context. Christians who are Republican will be able to critique their own party, as should Christians who are Democrats. Neither party, or any political party, is the source of salvation.

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