Featured Fellow Traveler: USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture

USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture logoExploring the Dynamics of Religious Developments

The USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture is a Los Angeles-based initiative dedicated to the local and international networking of religious, civic, and academic communities.

Facilitating new modes of engagement between faith groups and the broader social landscapes that they inhabit, the Center focuses on the four areas of research, training, evaluation, and strategic consulting. The diverse range of topics researched, from moral, social, and political issues and civic engagement to faith communities and religious practices, reflects the Center’s commitment to exploring how religions change and make change in Southern California and across the globe.

From the website:

Some of our recent and ongoing work includes building capacity in Muslim and African American and Latino Christian communities, scholarly research on Pentecostalism in the global South, bridging governmental and congregational disaster preparedness and response programs, and a large study of religious (and irreligious) creativity in Southern California and Seoul…

CRCC’s deep roots in Southern California mean that we remain committed to research in Los Angeles, even as we continue to promote scholarship across disciplinary boundaries, create resources for researchers, policy-makers, communities and thought-leaders, and explore religion’s global reach.

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