On the Lived Theology Reading List: Hannah Arendt and Theology

Hannah Arendt and Theology, John KiessConstructing a Theological Agenda for the Twenty-First Century

As one of today’s most important political philosophers, Hannah Arendt is known for her work on various themes, including statelessness and human rights, revolutions and democratic movements, and the various challenges of modern technological society. In Hannah Arendt and Theology, author John Kiess explores the figure’s theological influences and her significance in many controversial debates characterizing modern Christian thought. A unique compilation of Arendt studies, political philosophy, and Christian theology, the publication sets out to utilize this thinker’s work in constructing an engaging theological context for our time.

PLT Contributor and Duke Divinity Professor Stanley Hauerwas reviews:

“Hannah Arendt had a gift for reframing questions about how we should live in a way that forced us to rethink what we thought we knew. This makes her work essential, but it does not make it easy to understand. We are, therefore, very fortunate to have this extraordinary book by John Kiess. Writing with grace and clarity, Kiess draws on a wide range of other literature to help us understand the interrelation of Arendt’s basic concepts and the importance of her work for theology.”

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John Kiess is an assistant professor of theology at Loyola University Maryland. His doctoral dissertation explored the ethics of war through the lens of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he conducted fieldwork in 2008-2009. In addition to his work on conflict and peacemaking, he is also interested in political theology, political theory, and philosophy, and is also the author of several articles and book chapters.

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