On the Lived Theology Reading List: Inventing Peace

Inventing Peace: A Dialogue on Perception by Wim Wenders, Mary Zournazi book coverA Dialogue on Perception

In a world filled with so much violence, hate, and injustice, are we truly seeing reality for what it is? In Inventing Peace, Wenders and Zournazi ponder this question and the consequences for seeing the world and peace in the midst of an answer falling short. They tackle this idea as one of today’s most fundamental issues, arguing that a change must be made to our everyday perception and a new visual and moral language for peace be formed. Written in the form of a dialogue, the publication draws inspiration from a variety of disciplines to offer unique means in pursuing and perceiving peace.

Pennsylvania State University’s Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Alphonso Lingis, reviews:

“The word ‘peace’ evokes vague and negative images. We see violence and war everywhere; we need to learn to see peace. Out of seeing the death of a mother and a brother, and seeing the ruins of 9/11 and women refugees in Africa, Mary Zournazi and Wim Wenders share insights about ways of seeing. The book records the conversations and emails of their exchange as it unfolds, drawing in the thoughts of philosophers and poets and the visions of brother filmmakers Ozu, Kurosawa, Dreyer, Bresson. A very rich and powerful book.”

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