On the Lived Theology Reading List: Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass: America's Prophet, by D.H. DilbeckAmerica’s Prophet

In his new biography Frederick Douglass: America’s Prophet, historian D.H. Dilbeck seeks to focus on an underexplored aspect of the prominent abolitionist’s life, his Christian faith. Dilbeck- who previously wrote A More Civil War– portrays Douglass’ religious life as complex, combining both youthful evangelicalism and a growing hostility towards churches complicity with slavery and bigotry. The book shows how Douglass came to represent a prophetic black Christian vision, and his life showed the tension between the promise of an inclusive Christianity that embraced social reform and the reality of an American Christianity that was too often simply a religion for slaveholders.

Reviews and endorsements of the publication include:

“A superb account of one man’s 50-year fight for human rights and freedom in America. Recommended for those interested in the U.S. Middle Period, Civil War, African American history, and all readers.”—Library Journal, starred review

“D. H. Dilbeck does a very fine job assessing and then discussing the importance of the black prophetic voice to this reformer and Christian activist.”—Spirituality & Practice

“An original and often moving account of a complex but endlessly interesting figure, a giant in his time who still speaks to Americans today. Dilbeck has treated Douglass’s religious faith and prophetic character more carefully than any previous scholar.”—George C. Rable, author of God’s Almost Chosen Peoples

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