Oxford University’s Ankhi Mukherjee to Visit UVA

Ankhi Mukherjee, Oxford University, "Unseen City: Traveling Psychoanalysis and the Urban Poor"Unseen City: Traveling Psychoanalysis and the Urban Poor

On March 13, Prof. Ankhi Mukherjee will visit the University of Virginia to lecture on the subject of her forthcoming book, The Psychic Life of the Poor: A City Unseen in Mumbai, London, and New York. The presentation will consider the relationship between psychoanalysis, race, and poverty in the context of global cities with a specific focus on Indian metropolises. Mukherjee will use case studies to discuss literary and aesthetic representations of poverty in relation to India’s psychoanalytic and psychiatric customs, a culture that is manifested in public attitudes toward the psychic life of the destitute. Entitled the “Unseen City: Traveling Psychoanalysis and the Urban Poor,” the lecture will take place from 4:30pm – 6:00pm in Wilson Hall 142. No tickets are required, and the public is invited to attend.

For more information on Mukherjee, visit her Oxford University faculty page.

Ankhi Mukherjee is Professor of English and World Literatures and a Fellow of Wadham College. Mukherjee has published on a wide range of topics in PMLA, MLQ, Contemporary Literature, Paragraph, Parallax and other peer-reviewed journals.  Her books include Aesthetic Hysteria: The Great Neurosis in Victorian Melodrama and Contemporary Fiction (Routledge, 2007) and What is a Classic? Postcolonial Rewriting and Invention of the Canon (Stanford University Press, 2014), which won the British Academy Rose Mary Crawshay Prize in English Literature in 2015. She is currently at work on two projects: The Psychic Life of the Poor: A City Unseen in Mumbai, London, and New York and After Lacan.

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