PLT Definitive Collaboration with Oxford University Press

Lived Theology: New Perspectives on Method, Style, and Pedagogy; Charles Marsh; Sarah Azaransky; Peter SladeNew Perspectives on Method, Style, and Pedagogy

The Project on Lived Theology is delighted to announce the release of our new book, available now at Oxford University Press, Amazon, and other retailers. Use promo code AAFLYG6 for 30% off at the OUP site.

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Lived Theology contains the work of an emerging generation of theologians and scholars who pursue research, teaching, and writing as a form of public responsibility motivated by the conviction that theological ideas aspire in their inner logic toward social expression. Edited by Charles Marsh, Peter Slade, and Sarah Azaransky, this volume offers a series of illustrations and styles that distinguish Lived Theology in the broader conversation with other major approaches to the religious interpretation of embodied life.

The book begins with a modest query: How might theological writing, research, and teaching be expanded to engage lived experience with the same care and precision given by scholars to books and articles? Behind this question lies the claim that theological engagements and interpretations of lived experience offer rich and often surprising insights into God’s presence and activity in the world. Lived Theology offers a fresh and exciting model for scholars, teachers, practitioners and students seeking to reconnect the lived experience of faith communities with academic study and reflection.

The contributors with a chapter in the publication, three of whom recently received Grawemeyer Awards, include Sarah Azaransky, Jacqueline Bussie, David Dark, Susan Glisson, John de Gruchy, Susan R. Holman, Lori Brandt Hale, Willis Jenkins, Willie James Jennings, John Kiess, Jennifer M. McBride, Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Charles Marsh, Peter Slade, and Ted Smith.

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