SILT 2010 organizer, Sarah Azaransky, publishes Religion and Politics in America’s Borderlands with Lexington Books

Sarah AzaranskyReligion and Politics in America’s Borderlands, edited by the Project on Lived Theology’s own Sarah Azaransky has gone to press with Lexington Books.  Out of the lectures and essays presented at SILT 2010 in San Diego, California, this work brings together leading academic specialists on immigration and the borderlands, as well as nationally recognized grassroots activists, who reflect on their varied experiences of living, working, and teaching on the US-Mexico border and in the borderlands. These authors demonstrate the groundbreaking claim that the borderlands are not only a location to think about religiously, but they’re also a place that reshapes religious thinking. In this pioneering book, scholars and activists engage with Scripture, theology, history, church practices, and personal experiences to offer in-depth analyses of how the borderlands confront conventional interpretations of Christianity.

Contributions by Orlando Espín; Carmen M. Nanko-Fernández; M. Daniel Carroll R.; Daisy L. Machado; Pedro Rios; Monica A. Maher; Craig Wong; John Fanestil and Ángel F. Méndez Montoya

The Spring Institute for Lived Theology is an annual institute for theologians, scholars, and practitioners focused on issues of faith and social practice.