Virginia Seminar Member Featured in Christianity Today

Russell JeungOn March 12 and 20, 2015, Virginia Seminar member Russell M. Jeung was featured in Christianity Today. The articles, a two-part collection entitled “Raising a Generation of Peacemakers,” are excerpts of Jeung’s Virginia Seminar book project about his Hakka (Guest People) background and his life among refugees and immigrants in San Francisco.

Russell M. Jeung is associate professor of Asian American studies at San Francisco State University. Russell’s research interests include race and religion and community organizing. He’s the co-producer of the video documentary, The Oak Park Story, about his faith-based community organizing in East Oakland with Cambodians and Latinos.

To read “Raising a Generation of Peacemakers, Part One,” click here. To read “Raising a Generation of Peacemakers, Part Two,” click here.