Virginia Seminar member Mark Gornik featured in Christianity Today

Mark GornikMark R. Gornik, member of the first Virginia Seminar and author of Word Made Global: Stories of African Christianity in New York City, is coauthor of a recent article in Christianity Today about the vibrant, multicultural Christianity of New York City. Gornik and Maria Liu Wong write:

There are two ways Christians tend to see the city and God in the city. The first peers through a lens that sees primarily what is wrong with it…. The second way is to try to see the city through the eyes of God….We at City Seminary of New York see God at work in ways that confound stereotypes of a secular landscape. That work is led by grassroots ministries energized by an influx of Christians from around the world coming to New York City. Their work is less about setting up specific programs or starting new churches—though they do that in great numbers—than about enabling fellow Christians to live out their faith in the city, in order to bless their neighborhoods and neighbors.

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