Virginia Seminar member Susan Holman interviewed by “The Poor in Spirit”

Susan R. HolmanVirginia Seminar member Susan R. Holman was recently interviewed by “The Poor in Spirit,” a theology blog written by Alvin Rapien. She discusses her influences and current literary interests, as well as her perspective on Christian responses and approaches to human poverty and suffering, a subject she has expanded upon in several of her books.

“Action’ in response to poverty — whether the poverty is our own, our town’s, our faith community’s, or the desperate injustices of a global pattern — is not just an external behavior that can be contrasted with talking and thinking,” states Holman. “Life is short; we can live out our vocation as Christians only if we think, study, pray, and make active choices in the best holistic integrity that we can manage.”

To read the full interview, click here. To learn more about Susan Holman, visit her PLT author page.