Contributor Profile

David Dark

David Dark is an assistant professor at Belmont University in the College of Theology and Christian Ministry and also teaches at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville, Tennessee. His publications include Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious (InterVarsity Press, 2016), The Sacredness of Questioning Everything (Zondervan, 2009) and The Gospel according to America: A Meditation on a God-blessed, Christ-haunted Idea (Westminster John Knox, 2005).

Dark participated in the Spring Institute for Lived Theology 2011 and the second class of the Virginia Seminar in Lived Theology. He is a participant in SILT 16/17: Can I Get a Witness? Click here for his Virginia Seminar author page.

Online Writings
“I Speak to God in Public: Chance the Rapper’s Faith,” MTV (May 18, 2016).
“The Context of Love is the World: Liturgies of Incarnation,” Comment Magazine (March 3, 2016).
“Flipping the Script When Responding to Hostility,” The High Calling (April 26, 2015).
“What Must I Do to Be Born Again?: The Open Hands of Kendrick Lamar,” Pitchfork (March 26, 2015).
“Experiments in Sincerity,” Killing the Buddha (December 21, 2009).