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Heather Warren

Heather Warren is an associate professor in the religious studies department at the University of Virginia, where she specializes in the history of American religious life and thought from the late nineteenth century to the present. Her research has also carried her into the field of American religious autobiography. As a PLT research fellow, she is studying U.S. southern ministers and the Protestant Hour radio show.

Warren contributed a paper to the Lived Theology and Community Building Workgroup meeting three. She also gave a guest lecture, “Civil Rights and the Habit of Autobiographical Theological Reflection,” as part of the Thursday Nights: Conversations in Lived Theology series. Warren served as a Summer Internship in Lived Theology mentor to Rachel Prestipino and Melissa Rapazzini in 2015 and to Brit Dunnavant in 2016.

She is an author of a chapter on John Ryan for our book Can I Get a Witness? Thirteen Peacemakers, Community Builders, and Agitators for Faith and Justice.